What makes IttyBittyPitty Co. eco-friendly?

-One side of EVERY bandana is made using upcycled or recycled materials. This means the fabric comes from one of three places: a fabric recycling non-profit like Fabscrap, donated fabric scraps from people or the thrift store, and items such as sheets and tablecloths (or other upcycled materials).

-Fabric scraps, thread, and selvage produced while cutting and sewing are either saved for other projects OR sent in and recycled with the company 'For Days'.

-Our packaging is sustainable! We package using paper envelopes or cardboard boxes. Items are wrapped in recyclable kraft paper (already recycled when possible). Both clear and brown tape used in packaging is bio-degradable! We also use as little tape and paper as possible.

-Packages are dropped off and shipped in batches OR walked to the post office to avoid excess driving.

-Vinyl add-ons are designed and printed to maximize the space and minimize the waste on each piece of vinyl. Any applicable scraps are saved to use in other projects.

Want to know more about our sustainability practices? Send us an email at or Instagram DM at @ittybittypittyco and we'll be happy to answer your questions!